AI/ML for Geospatial and Data Analysis

Daybreak's full stack application development team utilizes Agile, SAFe, and DevOps methodologies to create Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered proprietary tools for solving our customer's unique problems.  Our products include AI-powered geospatial analysis applications that analyze satellite imagery, mapping and other unstructured data, faster than ever before possible.  Our stochastic analytics tools identify fraud that would otherwise be invisible amidst massive data sets.

Application Development

Unparalleled Application Security
Daybreak produces the most secure source code possible, Security in layers comes from front end, architectural, database and user security features built-in. 

Full Stack Source Code
There is no vendor lock-in; once our application is deployed to the infrastructure of your choice, we provide everything an application needs to run independently without proprietary runtimes and end user tracking. And we provide full source code for your use.

No Code/Low Code

Daybreak also has developed tools utilizing No code/Low Code technology, to deliver perfect applications in half the time and cost.  Our products are delivered with full code commentary, so that it is easy to transition to your team for maintenance.

Daybreak is able to deliver 100% generated, secure, full stack source code that can be deployed directly to AWS, Azure, Google or On-premises.

No Hand Coding
No traditional programming is necessary to use the tool to build large enterprise applications. Our code is generated twice as fast, and at half the cost.

Industry Standard Code
Generate secure, scalable industry-standard source code in either the Microsoft or Java technology stacks. 

Agile Software Development Lifecycle
Our development methodology is Agile, and SAFe. ​

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