Computer Vision AI

Our team can create state-of-the-art computer vision applications using Deep Neural Nets to achieve image classification, scene recognition, and object detection in images, video, and aerial footage.

AI and Unstructured Data Analysis

Daybreak is able to implement deep-learning tools for understanding of massive document sets. With an ML engine, our application will also learn to find what you are looking for, constantly improving as it runs.

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to learn more about how we can help your federal agency achieve greater predictive power, and hence more efficient application of resources.

AI and Predictive Analytics

Daybreak leverages unique artificial intelligence tools, utilizing a proven methodology, to develop a self-learning, predictive understanding of future , based on massive third-party data sets, to stochastically correlate identifiable data traits to demonstrated behavioral choices.  

AI-Powered Geospatial and Data Analytics

Daybreak develops proprietary AI-powered geospatial and data analysis tools to hyper-accelerate your understand of vast or complex data sets.  Our tools learn on satellite imagery, mapping, transactional data in search of fraud, and other unique problem sets.