Kindness, Respect and Dignity for All.  We will always treat every individual with respect and dignity.

Innovation.  We are passionate about innovation, creativity, and technology for the purpose of improving federal government performance, speed-to-mission, and cost.  We love exploring and finding the better, faster, cheaper way.Type your paragraph here.

We Rock Cancer

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We are proud to be the winning Technology company in the 2022 Moxie Awards

Rick Herrema Foundation

US Marshals Survivor Benefit Fund 

Daybreak's sole mission is to support the federal agencies that are safeguarding our nation's security, safety and health, by bringing dedicated, highly experienced experts in data analytics, artificial intelligence and other advanced information technology, and intelligence analysis. Our team brings experience in national security federal agencies and their operating environments together with leading-edge technologies and techniques. We attract the best employees, create the best place for them to work, empower and engage them to succeed, and share their passion for the customer's mission. 

Girl Scouts of America


Washington Nationals Philanthropies


Daybreak applauds the extraordinary charities that are aligned with our mission and values, including:


Daybreak employees conceived and adopted these corporate values:

Employee-Centric. We see the best employees, and make every decision around their best interests. Great people make great things happen.

Mission-Focus.  We take pride in serving those who serve our country.  We believe that doing important and purpose-driven work is fun and rewarding.

Integrity.  We will always do the right thing, the right way.  We will never account for the business impact of ethical compliance.  We believe integrity is an insoluble objective.