Mission Critical Solutions

AI-Powered Endpoint Cybersecurity 

Daybreak brings DeepArmor to federal IT environments.  Created by our partner,  SparkCognition, DeepArmor(TM) has trained on millions of malicious and benign files and provides industry-leading protection against a broad spectrum of threats. With millions of new malware variants showing up each month, DeepArmor provides signature-free peace of mind.

Building Data Analytics Environments

Daybreak has teamed withSparkCognition Government to deploy  Darwin(TM), a machine-learning tool for creating data analytics environments to speed your agency's data scientists to their mission.

AI and Predictive Analytics

Daybreak leverages unique artificial intelligence tools, utilizing a proven methodology, to develop a self-learning, predictive understanding of future , based on massive third-party data sets, to stochastically correlate identifiable data traits to demonstrated behavioral choices.  One leading-edge tool is powered by Boodle.AI, a leader in artificial intelligence driven behavioral predictive analytics. 

AI and Unstructured Data Analysis

Daybreak has also partnered with SparkCognition  to deploy DeepNLP(TM), a deep-learning tool for developing understanding of massive document sets.  And with an ML engine, DeepNLP will also learn to find what you are looking for.

Contact us  to learn more about how we can help your federal agency achieve greater predictive power, and hence more efficient application of resources.